Barbara Murrell
Please go to David, who's the owner of Blessings Auto Shop, he's a great mechanic. I'm a satisfied customer.😊
chelie hernandez
This place is great cool dudes I personally recommend to get your car get done here.
Wendie Rodriguez
If you are in need of a good mechanic then look no further. David and his team are professional and know what they are doing. A Very reliable, trustworthy and honest shop that cares not only about getting the job done but about the overall satisfaction of the customer. Compared to other shops in the area, their pricing is very fair. I highly recommend David and his staff at Blessings Auto Shop.
Malvin Espinal
Best shop in town, highly recommended every time i go they treat me like family. Never had an issue with anything after i started going there💯
Greg K.
If there were 6 + stars, I would give that to David and his shop ... on Wednesday evening, 12/11/2019, the, "Engine Temperature", "Electronic Stability Control", AND "Electronic Throttle Control" lights ALL went on on my way home from work on Route 280 E, severely reducing the power output to my engine. The following day, I placed a call to David's shop around 2:00 P.M., after Sears Auto had stated earlier in the morning they could not handle such a situation and told me to simply go to an authorized dealer, who in turn, I was unable to reach a prior Service Adviser, and phone call / e-mail was not returned (still has not been) ... In any event, by 02:30 P.M., my vehicle was in David's garage, and he and his team worked for the next six hours till shop close to resolve the issue, updating me every step of the way of what needed to be done. It was an involved job, because it turned out I needed a new gasket cap, temperature control, and throttle body, a part that needed to be located the next day after David's team were unable to purchase the part from a few local retailers due to unavailability ... in the end, by 05:00 P.M., the next day, my vehicle was fully restored to full operating capacity and the engine is back to full strength and providing that extra thrust that Dodge engines typically do:) I highly recommend Blessings Auto Repair to anyone in need of a vehicle repair ... Also, wanted to add that the night of the diagnosis, Th., 12/12/2019, the shop provided me a courtesy drive home with one of their dedicated technicians, due to the extreme cold temperature that evening
Robertstax S.
Great Service. They explain what's wrong show you what's wrong and then fix it. Their service matches their words. Will be going back and telling others about blessings auto shop and the prices are great.
Janet K.
HUBBBY is thrilled and delighted by the work done from Dave Rodriguez and his team at Blessings Auto Shop on Newark Ave in DTJC. With very little notice, Mr. Rodriguez and his crew were able to take our jalopy early Saturday morning and have it out by 1pm at a very fair price. Hubby is from Los Angeles, thus, he speaks "car" and understands mechanics. We are thrilled to have an honest, reliable mechanic in our neighborhood and will be recommending Blessings Auto Shop to all.